Keep up with the challenges of an upstream oil & gas environment that is constantly driven by information and processes through digitization of your core E&P information for an integrated and consistent view of your data across applications, platforms and business functions. Share your E&P information across the enterprise without worrying about data duplication.

At LMKR, we understand the integrity of your data and the impact of it on your business. It is our objective to ensure that your data remains current and provides you with the information that you need, when you need it for making informed business critical decisions.

Our digital data management service offerings include:

  • Well Data Management
  • Data Transcription & Remastering Services
    • Media Conversion/Data Duplication
    • Data Reformatting
    • Data Quality Assurance (QA) and Quality Checking (QC)
    • Data Recovery
    • Document Management
    • Data Storage
  • Seismic Scanning & Vectorization
  • Document Management