Turbulent markets, fluctuating commodity prices as well as technological and political influences add to the volatility and risk in the oil and gas exploration and production business. Securing investment in a country's petroleum industry demands for government agencies to add value to its E&P data by making it available on demand, globally. To do so, one of the most important steps is to effectively catalogue and manage E&P information from both past as well as present exploration and production initiatives.

Extensive industry experience and demonstrated partnerships with governments and operators makes LMKR a vendor of choice when it comes to setting up and maintaining E&P data repositories at a corporate, national or regional level. Through our expanded set of services, we offer data gathering, organization, storage and retrieval as well as data distribution services.

In addition to engineering usable platforms that facilitate promotion of petroleum investments at a national or international level, we also offer transfer of technology programs including in-depth and hands-on training services for managing data repositories.