Integrated interpretation of any geological model requires cautious grounding and judicious use of petrophysical logs and other well-derived data. At LMKR, we process and make your well data interpretation ready.

Customized approach in Well Log Processing according to your (client's) Needs
Move digital log data from logging field tapes or digitized logs to the log processing environment
Raw or Digitized Data is plotted and compared with original/raster Logs
Transformation/conversion of Hard copy data into ASCII files/Excel files to generate import ready formats
RAW Data Preparation
  • Data completeness/QC
  • Array handling unit conversions
  • File naming conventions
  • Raw data set generation
Edit Data Preparation
  • Depth matching & shifting
  • SP baseline shifting elimination of invalid data
  • Rescaling/patching/block editing curve normalization environmental corrections
  • Core data generation
  • Edit data set generation
Composite/Hybrid Data preparation
  • Unifying runs of same channels
  • Unifying runs of different code channels Composite/Hybrid Data set generation
Preparation of an Audit Trail (processing Report) with each and every step applied during processing of well data
Radical QA/QC services of LMKR to ensure and maintain quality in processing and procedures
Delivery of Final data in standard leading formats.