Maximize the value of your E&P software investment using our onsite support consulting services in the following phases of the upstream oil and gas lifecycle:

G&G Exploration:

  • System Admin - Support available for system admin, software installation, configuration, and integration workflows
  • Geology - Software support and consultancy for basic to advanced level of geological interpretation workflows including petrophysical interpretation, well correlation and surface mapping
  • Geophysics - LMKR consulting services group can provide workflow support from basic to advanced level of seismic interpretation ranging from horizon and fault interpretation to attribute analysis and inversion interpretation
  • Geo-mechanics - Multivendor software support in the field of fracture modeling and geo-mechanics

Reservoir Engineering and Management:

LMKR's pool of consultants can help in static to dynamic modeling workflows using multi-vendor software.
Our team of experienced engineers help in software workflows related to reservoir simulation, including history matching, upscaling, etc.

Drilling and completion:
Our team of consultants and engineers in landmark application and workflow can help you in the following;

  • Well planning
  • Casing
  • Cement design
  • Drilling report customization
  • Wellhead
  • Wellbore and completion schematic
  • Torque and drag analysis
  • Hydraulic system design and tabular analysis

Production surveillance and optimization:
Our expert consultants in industry leading software can help you in:

  • Decline curve analysis and production forecasting
  • PVT analysis and volumetric calculation

G&G Software and workflow trainings
LMKR holds a vast experienced resource pool for delivering both on-site and offsite (out of the box or tailor made) vendor neutral G&G trainings to your staff. These trainings include:

  • Interpreter's data management
  • Geological interpretation and mapping
  • Conventional and unconventional petrophysical interpretation
  • 2D/3D geophysical interpretation
  • Seismic attribute analysis for conventional and unconventional reservoirs
  • E &P junior staff/newly employed staff complete training