SMARTSECTION® - Well Log Correlation Software

smartSECTION 64-bit version is available as GVERSE Geomodeling which provides you with advanced 3D engine and faster performance for working with large cross sections and bigger data sets. Click here to read more about GVERSE Geomodeling.

GeoGraphix® smartSECTION® is a 3D geomodeling application that combines the industry's most intuitive log correlation capabilities with advanced tools for 3D surface modeling, sequence stratigraphy, structural analysis, and horizontal well correlation. Unlike conventional interpretation tools, it supports high-volume, geologic interpretations and boosts productivity.Its ease-of-use, combined with an advanced geological tool set, affords users a significant competitive advantage.
As an integrated solution, GeoGraphix® smartSECTION®, Framebuilder, smartSTRAT, and advanced 3D visualization rank as the industry's premier geological interpretation system for both conventional and unconventional resource plays.