FrameBuilder™ 3D Modeling Software

GeoGraphix Framebuilder™ was a 32-bit topological, 3D geomodeling engine that has been upgraded to 64-bit advanced 3D geomodeling engine and is now part of  GVERSE Geomodeling. Click here to read more about GVERSE Geomodeling.

GeoGraphix Framebuilder™, an add-on module to GeoGraphix smartSECTION®, is an advanced, topological, 3D geomodeling engine that allows geologists to create real-time maps depicting complex, structural and stratigraphic frameworks from relationships interpreted in smartSECTION® cross sections. Combined with the GeoGraphix advanced 3D visualization module, the geological framework is viewed in 3D to define prospects quickly and more accurately and to gain better insight into hard-to-reach assets.

During the interpretation process, interpreters use Framebuilder's map view to see their earth models created on-the-fly. Interactive adjustments of interpretations based on instantaneous feedback of well log correlations, cross section picks, fault picks, and ensuing mapping geometries afford the interpreter the unique advantage of real-time access to a fully integrated and interactive 3D geologic model, garnering a quicker and more accurate interpretation.