LMKR GeoGraphix 3D Visualization Software

GeoGraphix 3D software brings your maps and interpretations together in a cutting edge 3D visualization environment. It is fully integrated with interpretive applications enabling data, map layers, well paths, microseismic, and geologic models to come together with the full power of 3D visualization with the click of the mouse.

Project Explorer provides direct access to data import and export for LMKR GeoGraphix Discovery applications and manages coordinate systems and sub projects.

GeoGraphix 3D visualization is included with all LMKR GeoGraphix software packages.

Advanced animation and motion control

GeoGraphix 3D offers both a common orbital camera control and a first person camera for the most advanced animation and motion control available. The first person camera provides the animation that is usually found in the gaming industry and offers a unique capability to navigate through and around large scenes with a high level of precision.

Surface blending
Multiple surfaces can be drawn together and blended using advanced techniques that are made available through Microsoft Direct3D. Full control is available for the opacity and blending order for each surface.

Well data and display
Log Display: Logs can be displayed using three modes to provide the flexibility the user needs.
LATHE Display Mode - the commonly used display mode where a single-log is displayed as a cylinder around the well bore.

BLADE Display Mode - a unique display mode that allows multiple logs displayed as planes along the well bore, with the additional option of fill or no fill.

SCREEN Space Mode - this is the more traditional display mode where multiple logs can be overlain in tracks to the left or right of the well bore. As the scene is rotated, the logs always remain visible in the plane of the monitor.

GeoAtlas™ layers

All GeoAtlas layers can be rendered in the 3D scene and are controlled by a user friendly interface in the Data Selector:

  • Overlays - Any layer displayed in the scene can be used as an Overlay Control Layer

Seismic data visualization

  • Inlines, Crosslines, and Arbitrary lines can be displayed and animated in the 3D scene
  • Any seismic survey that is included from any interpretation in the active project can be accessed for display

Integration with GeoGraphix interpretation applications

GeoGraphix 3D is included as a feature of FrameBuilder and is also integrated with the smartSECTION™ interpretation software.

  • smartSECTION: If FrameBuilder is licensed, smartSECTION interpretations can be displayed in the 3D scene
  • smartSECTION Live: Real time integration with the active smartSECTION interpretation. As the interpretation takes place the displayed "Live" model is updated in real time
  • Slicing Planes: Visualization of the smartSECTION interpretation is further enhanced by the use of the slicing planes option. The slicing planes include a convenient heads up display so the intersection between the slicing plane and model is displayed and updated dynamically

Makes 'complex' geologies easier to understand

Geologic interpretation can be a difficult task when trying to mentally perceive the full three-dimensional geomodel. With GeoGraphix 3D software, the interpretation comes to life when surfaces and layers can be combined in the 3D scene and animated so the relationships of all surfaces can be visualized. This results in faster and more accurate interpretations.

Superior resolution for more accurate interpretation
GeoGraphix 3D software has been developed using the latest graphics and gaming technology from Microsoft. GeoGraphix 3D software's superior resolution enables the finest details to be visualized making interpretation easier.

Very fast rendering speeds for faster interpretation and presentation
Utilizing the latest graphics and gaming technology from Microsoft allows GeoGraphix 3D to render 3D scenes with industry-leading speeds.

Intuitive design
GeoGraphix 3D is designed with the user in mind. Data to be displayed in the 3D scene is selected from a user-friendly interface that enables you to quickly filter through large amounts of data in the project and find the specific entities to be displayed.

Hardware (Minimum)

  • Dual Core CPU (SSE 3.0) 2 GHz processor, 4 GB RAM
  • DirectX 11 compatible with Compute Shader Model 4.0, 512 MB RAM
  • 512 MB VRAM

Hardware (Recommended)

  • Multi-Core 2.4 GHz or greater processor, 8 GB RAM or greater
  • Graphics Card that is DirectX 11 compatible, 2GB video RAM
  • 1 GB VRAM

Operating System(s)

  • Microsoft® Windows® Vista x64 SP3
  • Microsoft Windows 7 64-bit (recommended)
  • Controller
  • Genuine Xbox 360 controller for Windows (recommended)

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