In today's competitive environment, exploration managers want to know where their leases are located, when the leases expire and what is their acreage or ownership position.  GeoGraphix for Land Management  provides the ability to display answers to these and other questions. 

The GeoGraphix for Land Management solution offers the following features:

  • LeaseMap, Tract Navigator displays tract location and a list of mineral owners
  • LeaseMap, Lease Navigator captures key dates, royalty and other financial information and working interest for each lease
  • Excel interface enables the user to import existing lease data from several leading lease data providers
  • ABC Resources, a fictitious company owns an interest in all the leases shown below
Land Management _clip _image 002_0000
  • An additional layer is added to show those leases expiring prior to Jan 1, 2015, along with the earliest expiration date
Land Management _clip _image 002_0001
  • To answer the acreage position question, a filter is created in QueryBuilder to help determine the net acreage position of ABC's interest. The filter is applied to a new layer displaying ABC's interest as a graduated colors layer
Land Management _clip _image 002_0003
Land Management _clip _image 002_0004
  • Export capabilities are available from several lease maintenance systems to download data into GeoGraphix's LeaseMap , significantly reducing or eliminating entirely the need to reenter data
Land Management _clip _image 002_0004

GeoGraphix for Land Management provides users with the means to capture vital lease information, to filter that information to display specific conditions, (i.e. leases expiring in a particular year) and to augment this with needed geological layers. This enables the Land Professional to make better and more informed decisions, quickly.

Land Management _clip _image 002_0005