Geophysicists today face additional challenges compared with their workflows of a few years ago.  Today's incredibly fast pace of drilling has necessitated examination of up to 20 potential well sites per day - an order of magnitude above the pace that we faced less than a decade ago. The tight integration with engineering is also a new and exciting area of discovery.

In addition to these new, unconventional challenges, the requirement to provide accurate interpretations of complex structures in both familiar and exotic provinces is increased. 

These challenges place a high price on efficiency and ease of integration with other exploration and production disciplines. GeoGraphix for Geophysics provides the tools to accomplish these required tasks easily and accurately within an integrated database and interactive 3D environment.

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The GeoGraphix for Geophysics solution includes:

GeoGraphix for Geophysics works seamlessly to provide the geophysicist with a comprehensive suite of tools, which are integrated across the exploration and production disciplines.  These tools provide instant productivity, with truly integrated major workflows, and easy database setup and management