Geologists today are facing challenges unheard of just a few years ago. With the advent of the unconventional resource plays that now dominates the North American industry, the geologist is required not only to develop new ideas and plays, but to also help create well plans, geosteer multiple horizontal wells, and incorporate an ever broadening suite of data into a comprehensive and up-to-date interpretation and geomodel. To meet these demands and to better support conventional workflows, the geologist must have the tools to easily and accurately analyze disparate geological data, build a comprehensive interpretation, and present the results to management in the shortest possible time.

GeoGraphix for Geology provides the tools to accomplish the required task easily and accurately within an integrated database and interactive 3D environment.

The GeoGraphix for Geology solution comprises of:

GeoGraphix for Geology works seamlessly to provide the geologist with the most comprehensive 3D geological interpretation tools to support the intensity of today's most demanding requirements and delivers the key benefits of: 

  • Fast and accurate cross section building, correlation, and on-the-fly geomodeling in a robust 3D environment
  • Geosteering capability providing geomodeling while drilling with near real-time data updates to ensure that the geomodel includes the latest drilling data, a critical requirement for keeping the well bore on target
  • The ability to analyze and interpret large disparate data sets and visualize the results in a presentation quality map and 3D display