With the advancement of technology in hydraulic fracturing, horizontal drilling, and well completions, engineers dealing with oil and gas reservoirs require software that is easy to learn, use and allows for quick decisions to be made. Today, geology and engineering require integration to not only locate a sweet spot for drilling, but to also optimize the completions and hydraulic fracturing procedures. With today's rapid drilling schedules in field development, time is of the essence in delivering planned wells, and an integrated approach in software is required for delivering results on schedule. GeoGraphix integrates geology, petrophysics and engineering into a software suite that works from a central database allowing for a logical workflow, and seamless migration between disciplines. GeoGraphix for Engineering  allows engineers to view and forecast critical production data, visualize key well data on maps, and quickly analyze reservoir trends.

Engineering Dashboard

To an asset team, GeoGraphix provides an easy solution that identifies factors in engineering, geology, and petrophysics that impact key field development and production decisions of placing new wells, or maintaining current ones.