LMKR GeoGraphix 2014 was released in March 2014 and is our most advanced release to date.  We are committed to providing the best possible user experience, and for this reason we are releasing an update that provides you with enhancements to GeoGraphix 2014 and fixes some known issues.  We are also updating our new Well Planning Solution, LMKR Well Planner, to provide you with exciting new features and make your well planning experience even easier.

What is being updated?
Today's 2014.1 update includes the following new features and fixes reported issues:
New Features
Advanced 3D visualization  

New Improved User Interface
The 2014.1 release includes a new, improved advanced 3D user interface. The new panels and toolbars added in the application makes the application more interactive and easy to use. These include:

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    Advanced 3D Toolbar - It contains controls which are useful in changing the appearance of the 3D scene.
    Preview Pane - It lists the objects by category and enables you to change the appearance of objects.
    Properties Pane - It defines the appearance of the selected item in 3D view. Select an item in the Preview Pane to display its options in the Properties Pane.
    General Toolbar - It contains tools that aid you in viewing objects in 3D view.
    Status Bar - It shows the information of objects selected on the scene.

    Show MicroSeismic
    This release includes the Show MicroSeismic option which displays the MicroSeismic data.

    Display Seismic Traces
    In 2014.1, advanced 3D enables you to add the seismic traces on the seismic display.

    Wiggle Fill for the Seismic Traces
    The 2014.1 release of advanced 3D includes the Wiggle Fill option. This option enables you to fill in the amplitudes of the seismic traces.

    Display Log Templates
    The advanced 3D 2014.1 now displays the log template of PRIZM along the wells.

    Display Curve Spectrum
    The advanced 3D now displays the Curve Spectrum along the displayed wells.

Advanced Field Planning  

Reports Tab
The 2014.1 Field Planner includes a Reports tab. You can generate three Excel reports that calculate total pipe in the plan, total pipe in the zone, and an inventory of existing wells within a user-specified distance from any proposed well. These reports enable you to compare field plans on a cost-benefit basis.

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    Create Auto Pad
    The Create Auto Pad feature enables you to automatically create a Well Pad with user-defined dimensions, instead of selecting an existing pad from a WellBase layer.

    New Icons in the Pad/Slot Tree
    New icons and font types in the pad/slot tree now illustrate when a survey has been calculated and when a calculated survey has been saved to the project database.  Proposed wells in the tree list will show in a bold font when a survey has been calculated for that well.  A database icon will appear next to the well name when the curve? has been saved to the database.

    Renaming Well Pad
    You can now rename the Well Pads and change the elevation of both wells and Well Pads from the Field Planner application.

    Re-size the Field Planner Application
    The Field Planner application can now be resized.

LMKR Well Planner  

Dogleg Severity
Two dogleg severity calculations have been implemented in the Well Planner for the 2014.1 release. The ability to have two different build rates has been added. The dogleg severity of the approach build rate (from Kickoff point to the landing point) can be different than the lateral build rate (landing point to bottom hole).

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    Non-Projected Line of Section
    A feature has been added to the Well Planner for the 2014.1 release where you can plan target points away from the projected line of section.  With the Projected Section check box selected any target point on the lateral part of the wellbore will show on a straight line in plan view (i.e. projected onto a line of section).  With the Projected Section check box turned off, target points on the lateral can be planned off of the projected line to avoid subsurface hazards.

    Additional Well Editing Capabilities
    You can now edit key information about a proposed well so it can be kept up to date.  The permit date and the spud date have been added to the header information and are editable.

Known Issues Addressed
  • Overlapping images can now be printed in GeoAtlas.
  • GeoAtlas can now  render transparency as set in ESRI
  • ArcGIS Server and WMS imports can now read selected import coordinates
  • Proportional symbols, Pie charts, Unique Value can now be  applied to the map before the the  Preview button is clicked.
  • Spatial filters are now usable when more  than one user is on Citrix and users are sharing the same project
  • Data Migration Utility is now functioning correctly when importing sif/tif files
  • Surface Substitution when using  IsoMap and GeoAtlas is now functioning correctly.
  • SV64 is now functioning correctly  on exporting arbitrary/predefined lines as segy files
  • Exported IsoMap faults (in depth) now have negative subsea values
  • Import of a Horizon file in SiesWorks format (TVDSS) is now functioning correctly
How do I access the update?
To download and install this update, log in to the LMKR Support Portal (http://support.lmkr.com) and then select the Downloads page. Under Product Releases, click on the plus sign (+) to expand the GeoGraphix 2014  (Full Release) link and select the GeoGraphix 2014.1 (Update) link. Click on the GeoGraphix 2014.1 (update) selection to view more details including the GeoGraphix 2014.0.1 Release Notes and Installation Instructions.

Reminder: GeoGraphix Pro is a licensed upgrade to the GeoGraphix software and requires the purchase of a separate license.
  Thank you for your continued use of GeoGraphix, we trust this update will maximize your user experience.


Stan Abele
Vice President,
Product Management. LMKR

Email: Products@lmkr.com
For more information on LMKR and GeoGraphix please visit www.lmkr.com
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