Successful debut of the alliance between LMKR and Landmark, an energized GeoGraphix at the Society of Exploration Geophysicists International Exposition and 80th Annual Meeting in Denver, Colorado USA

The Colorado Convention Center in Denver, Colorado (the venue for this year's International Exposition and 80th Annual Meeting of the Society of Exploration Geophysicists) had more than 300 exhibiting companies from around the globe showcasing their products, services and solutions to SEG attendees. For LMKR, the successful end to this year's event was nothing less than a major milestone; as it not only enabled the company to establish its commitment to provide game changing technology solutions to the upstream oil & gas sector but also announce its enhanced partnership with Landmark that transfers the business, sales/marketing, and R&D responsibilities for the GeoGraphix® software line from Landmark to LMKR.

The announcement around the alliance between Landmark and LMKR was an opportunity for Atif R. Khan (CEO LMKR), Gene Minnich (VP Landmark Software & Services) and Rich Patterson (Director GeoGraphix) to talk to SEG attendees, existing and potential customers and share with them the opportunities for this partnership and the GeoGraphix product line, moving forward.

This event served as the first international forum for representatives from LMKR and Landmark to:

  • Debut an energized GeoGraphix brand and its stand alone presence
  • Showcase the software's latest game changing technologies and workflows for unconventional assets
  • Conduct personal demonstrations and theater presentations around latest innovations in the GeoGraphix product line; to engage potential customers and update existing customers

Some of the latest technologies in the GeoGraphix product line introduced during the course of this event include:

Advanced 3D Visualization
Using the latest gaming technologies from Microsoft, Discovery 3D visualization software brings maps and interpretations together in an integrated and dynamic environment. This software enables the user to quickly and easily explore the relationships between different surfaces. Users can achieve greater levels of understanding of their projects by immersing themselves in your projects using the unique first person camera view.

Integrated Microseismic Data
GeoGraphix makes it easy to incorporate microseismic data into field planning and development efforts. Users can visualize fracture events (animated movies) in 2D or 3D environments to better understand the play and manage risk. Map microseismic events and determine drainage patterns to optimize well spacing and minimize the number of wells drilled.

GeoModeling While Drilling
A new extension of Discovery smartSECTION, smartSTRAT helps keep the drill bit / wellbore in zone and away from geohazards. It combines the best of 2D and 3D horizontal well correlation, geosteering, and seismic interpretation into a seamless and intuitive workflow. With every correlation, the resulting data is saved to the project database and then automatically updated in the 3D geomodel for future well and field planning.

Streaming Web Map Services
Working closely with ESRI, the world's leading GIS provider, GeoGraphix now offers users the ability to stream online WMS and ArcGIS maps and map services directly into Discovery's mapping application (GeoAtlas) . Just enter the map URL to use the latest maps in your interpretations. Adding maps has never been so fast or easy.

Optimized Field Planning Solution
Discovery Field Planning makes it easy to site pads, select targets and accommodate continuous updates to hundreds of bottom hole locations and fracture ellipses throughout a field's productive life. Users will enjoy the flexibility to quickly update your field plan to reflect fresh insights into geology, changing economics or new environmental regulations.

In addition to a good number of SEG attendees and existing customers, the GeoGraphix booth was also visited by David Armitage, founder of the GeoGraphix product line. During his visit to our booth, David met with the GeoGraphix team, customers and the new management.