Stan Abele Awarded the Ziad Beydoun Memorial Award

Stan Abele, Vice President Product Management at LMKR, together with Rocky Roden, consultant at IHS, received the Ziad Beydoun Memorial Award on April 22 2012, for presenting the best poster at the AAPG 2011 International Conference and Exhibition in Milan. The award was presented during the opening ceremony of the AAPG Annual Convention and Exhibition 2012 in Long Beach, California.

The presentation at the Milan meeting was based on a study utilizing five square miles of recently acquired pre-stack time-migrated 3-D seismic data provided by Global Geophysical Services from the south Texas Eagle Ford shale resource play, where the production is enhanced through the drilling and fracture treatment of horizontal wells.

Well and microseismic data were provided by Tulsa-based Petrohawk Energy Corp.

"When we got these data, it seemed like a natural place to apply this 'unconventional' seismic technique," Abele said. "The Eagle Ford has enough complexity in the fracturing to where it's the natural area to apply this kind of project."

"Understanding the existing fault and fracture patterns in the Eagle Ford is critical to optimizing well locations, well plans and fracture treatment design," he continued.

"Detailed analysis of seismic data is essential in deriving maximum structural information to assist in economic development of the hydrocarbons in place.

"Microseismic data acquired during fracture treatments support the predicted orientation of faulting and variations in fracture patterns," he noted.

As Vice President of Product Management, Stan is responsible for LMKR's product strategy and technical roadmap. Stan has gained a deep understanding of the E&P business from 30 years' experience working in both E&P and technology solution provider roles. The Ziad Beydoun Memorial Award is given each year at the annual convention in recognition of the best AAPG poster session paper presented at the previous year's International conference.