Retraction of Press Release regarding Velocity Manager

Dubai: February 5, 2014

Recently, it has come to LMKR's knowledge that an inadvertent press release erroneously confirming the acquisition of the software application, named Velocity Manager, by LMKR is circulating on a number of digital publications. Although LMKR had made all reasonable efforts at that time to ensure the retraction of the press release regarding the transaction, but having no control over the cascade effect of electronic media remnants of the same remain present.

With this official statement; LMKR would like to inform and clarify and state to the public at large; and/or anyone connected to Velocity Manager, be it the owners (current and potential); and/or any other individual; and/or body concerned (corporate or otherwise) that LMKR does not and has not ever owned any of the intellectual properties in Velocity Manager and is not in any way whatsoever connected with Cambridge Petroleum Software, Ltd.

This statement may be relied on as a retraction of the erroneous press release in circulation.