LMKR releases GeoGraphix 2017.3 and the brand new GVERSE FieldPlanner, along with features enhancements in GVERSE Geophysics, GVERSE Geomodeling, GVERSE Attributes, GVERSE Planner and GVERSE Predict 3D

Houston - LMKR announced the release of GeoGraphix 2017.3, the latest upgrade to the GeoGraphix software that comes with extensive updates focused on increasing productivity. Combined with the most advanced field planning, geomodeling, geophysics, and geology software, the release provides tools to accomplish tasks accurately within an integrated database and interactive 3D environment.

GVERSE Geomodeling 2017.3 offers better usability and user experience with a host of upgrades including fault aliasing in 3D, microseismic display and animation, 3D cursor tracking, optimize geomodel, etc. The latest GVERSE Geophysics 2017.3 enables tighter integration, enhanced interpretation capabilities, increased visualization functionality, improved efficiency and usability, and much more. Also part of the release is GVERSE FieldPlanner which optimizes field development  by reducing time and cost for optimal hydrocarbon production. There are also feature enhancements in GVERSE Planner - a fully integrated well planning system, GVERSE Attributes - on the fly high-resolution seismic attributes in 3D, and GVERSE Predict 3D - a multi-attribute inversion solution.

"Designed for optimum performance on commercial hardware, our new 3D viewer is built and optimized for seismic. It's never been easier to view your seismic and well data in a single seamless environment " said Scott Oelfke, Vice President - Product Management, R&D.

 The release takes into account valuable client feedback and extensive research focused on  increased productivity and ease of use.


LMKR's 2017.3 release of GeoGraphix and GVERSE is now available worldwide. Click here to find your local sales office. For more information about GeoGraphix click here. For details about LMKR GVERSE click here.