LMKR releases a brand new intuitive and easy-to-use seismic interpretation system; GVERSE Geophysics, along with GeoGraphix 2017.2 – combining to create a completely integrated geoscience environment.

Houston - LMKR today announced release of a new seismic interpretation system built on top of SeisVision that provides powerful 3D visualization capabilities. GVERSE Geophysics enables geoscientists to execute end-to-end workflows for basic interpretation and more advanced geophysical workflows. Also a part of this release is GeoGraphix 2017.2, updated with feature enhancements derived from customer experience and consistent R&D.

"Designed for optimum performance on commercial hardware in a single seamless environment our brand-new 3D viewer is built on an engine designed and optimized for seismic and related data. It's never been easier to view your seismic and well data in 3D space" said Scott Oelfke, Vice President - Product Management, R&D.

Additionally offering an extensive integrated solution for subsurface Geological/Reservoir modeling is GVERSE Geomodeling 2017.2 coupled with an updated 2017.2 version of GVERSE Planner for multiple well planning. With technology derived from years of R&D, comprehensive 3D volume interpretation and visualization make GVERSE Geophysics the fastest interpretation system for greater productivity and collaboration.



LMKR's 2017 release of GVERSE Geophysics, GVERSE Geomodeling, GVERSE Planner and GeoGraphix 2017.2 is now available worldwide. Click here to find your local sales office. For more information about GeoGraphix click here. For details about LMKR GVERSE click here.