LMKR Global Expansion and Extended Unconventional Solutions Offerings Represented with New Look

Dubai, April 10, 2011 - LMKR, a global geoscience technology and consulting services provider; today, announced their new, unconventional look that better represents the focus on resolving the challenges associated with unconventional oil and gas exploration and production. The new LMKR logo design and tagline "We're unconventional.™" is being unveiled at the AAPG 2011 Annual Conference & Exhibition in Houston, Texas. In addition to the LMKR GeoGraphix® Discovery™ Suite, LMKR is also introducing new mobile technology product offerings at the AAPG including: LMKR Object Reservoir, LMKR Velocity Manager and LMKR Convofy for E&P to address the drilling and exploitation challenges associated with unconventional plays.

>> Retraction of Press Release regarding Velocity Manager <<

"Nearly two decades ago, LMKR set out to provide innovative technology solutions to manage E&P data. Today, geoscientists and capital investors need a portfolio of seamlessly integrated, mobile technologies and trusted teams of consultants to vet, interpret, and manage information encountered with unconventional plays. We knew 20 years ago that we needed to embrace an unconventional approach to geosciences to seize untapped opportunities. Our new look holistically represents who LMKR is and how we do business," stated the Chairman and CEO of LMKR, Atif Khan.

About LMKR
LMKR provides mobile technology solutions, data services, geoscience and data management consulting solutions to oil and gas operators, geoscientists and investors in order to lower the risk associated with unconventional oil and gas exploration and production. LMKR is committed to its vision of providing a reservoir-centric interpretation, modeling and analytics solution that can be shared anytime, anywhere with fit-for-purpose technologies. The LMKR GeoGraphix Discovery Suite is the industry's most complete and integrated Windows-based geology and geophysical integration system. LMKR services more than 22 countries and is headquartered in Dubai, U.A.E. For more information about LMKR, visit www.lmkr.com .

The LMKR logo design, LMKR, "We're unconventional." and Velocity Manager are trademarks of LMKR. GeoGraphix is a registered trademark and Discovery is a trademark used under a license agreement. Object Reservoir is a trademark of Object Reservoir. Convofy is trademark of Scrybe. All other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.