LMKR GeoGraphix® partners with petroWEB to maximize the user experience accessing data across multiple domains

Denver USA, October 28, 2014
: LMKR today announced that it has entered into a strategic partnership with petroWEB to provide seamless connection between GeoGraphix products and petroWEB's ENTERPRISE DB, a powerful E&P data management system built on the industry standard PPDM data model. It serves as a corporate well master, well log repository and well file management system and provides a single authoritative solution required for effective management of large volumes of subsurface data. The partnership will deliver a seamless connection between GeoGraphix, the industry-leading G&G interpretation system, and ENTERPRISE DB to boost geoscientist daily productivity.

 "Today's G&G professional is looking for new and faster methods of finding and exploiting hydrocarbons while reducing cycle time and driving down production costs. Getting the most out of data in multiple formats, across multiple locations can impact cycle time dramatically. LMKR GeoGraphix is known for its rich interpretation capabilities and low IT overhead.  Our partnership with petroWEB will enable the user to access the breadth of subsurface data available in their Corporate data store directly from GeoGraphix, apply its powerful G&G interpretation and field planning capabilities and collaborate with the rest of the asset team on the results," commented Vince Molliconi, Executive Vice President, LMKR.

 "This partnership will provide the highest level of integration between G&G projects and G&G master data.  From within GeoGraphix, users can quickly access data stored in petroWEB's ENTERPRISE DB and populate projects with the most reliable G&G data available.  To complete the data lifecycle, interpreted and corrected data can be seamlessly published back into ENTERPRISE DB.  We believe that information drives decisions and that facilitating data quality and access across the enterprise is essential to empower people to make better informed decisions. Our partnership with LMKR and GeoGraphix will enable the asset team to easily integrate the two systems, leveraging centrally managed data in the interpretation process and incorporating data from project stores securely back in the corporate data store," said Gina Godfrey, Co-Founder and President, petroWEB.

The LMKR GeoGraphix and petroWEB team are demonstrating the capabilities of this partnership at SEG 2014 Annual Conference & Convention, booth #2280.

About LMKR
LMKR is a petroleum technology company offering reservoir-centric interpretation, modeling and analytics software, mobile technology solutions and E&P data services - all focused towards lowering the risk associated with exploration and production of conventional and unconventional resource plays. LMKR holds the global license for development, sales & marketing and support for GeoGraphix.

About petroWEB
petroWEB has been providing industry-leading GIS solutions for over 17 years with a focus on the integration of spatial data with technical and business data. petroWEB's GIS information systems enable seamless integration of corporate and commercial data with analytical tools to provide targeted, scalable workflow solutions. petroWEB's extensive geoscience, mapping, geological, engineering, data management and GIS experience and expertise spans decades with a proven track record of developing and delivering successful enterprise solutions. Learn more at www.petroweb.com