LMKR Appoints Cleantech as Reseller of GeoGraphix Solutions to Oil & Gas Operators Across Europe

Dubai, UAE July 12, 2015: LMKR today announced that it has entered into a reseller agreement with Cleantech to supply GeoGraphix and LMKR geoscience solutions to oil and gas companies in Europe.

 Cleantech's expertise and core business focus on the oil and gas sector from exploration to production enable it to clearly understand the needs of the geoscience user; such expertise enables them to address their needs with appropriate solutions. GeoGraphix, the complete, affordable geoscience system offering  leading-edge mapping; geological, geophysical & petrophysical modeling; well and field planning; and state-of-the-art 3D visualization supports conventional and unconventional workflows; both are important to the European E&P sector.

"We are delighted that Cleantech has become our local representative in Europe. Supported by LMKR's EMEA team, this is the perfect combination of local market knowledge and discipline expertise coupled with software solutions requiring little IT support and designed to maintain efficient E&P operations," said Sikandar Khan, Regional General Manager, EMEA.

 "LMKR's geoscience solutions fit well in Cleantech's portfolio; its mandate is to drive private sector oil and gas investments. As Europe transforms its energy economy, unconventional oil and gas can increase Europe's competitiveness and security. Since 2010, Cleantech has worked hard to win the confidence of oil and gas operators, and GeoGraphix is an excellent, integrated oilfield product," said Parker Snyder, Executive Director of Cleantech.

About Cleantech
Cleantech is a commercial consultancy for oil and gas. Covering EU-28 markets, Cleantech offers commercial sales and service for international oil and gas clients. With deep knowledge of the commercial plans of operators and service companies, Cleantech drives private and public sector investment, as Europe transforms its energy economy.

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