LMKR Announces the Launch of GVERSE Applications Suite – Revolutionizing the World of Geoscience and Engineering Applications with Fast, Easy to Use Scalable Tools

(Dubai) LMKR today announced the worldwide release of GVERSE, a revolutionary suite of applications focused on workflow optimization and productivity while minimizing risks. Designed to be inter-operable with other known geoscience software suites, these applications integrate with your existing environment and cut the time required for interpretations resulting in fast, easy to use scalable tools; enabling a connected multi skilled workforce covering everything from prospect generation to field development.

"Quick access to information and its dissemination across a range of domains is a key requirement of every geoscientist. GVERSE caters to this need and much more. This pioneering software suite enables fast database to database exchange, quick visualization, streamlined workflows, etc. thereby maximizing the value of your data while reducing associated costs." said Atif Rais Khan, Chairman and CEO of LMKR.

More Insight for More Control
GVERSE provides actionable intelligence for asset teams. It has been designed specifically for users who need fast, on the fly solutions that provide data in real time enabling users to maximize productivity without raising costs.

GVERSE is available worldwide from November 2015. For more details visit www.lmkr.com/gverse