LMKR’s $8.2million software grant to West Virginia University equips students with hands-on experience of an innovative technological software.

16th May, 2019: LMKR, an international petroleum technology company, has partnered with West Virginia University as part of their University Grant Program to utilize their suite of GeoGraphix® and GVERSE. The grant is valued at $8.2million. LMKR's University Grant Program provides students enrolled in the geology and geosciences programs at West Virginia University to now have access to highly developed, industry leading software that is used in the E&P market with access to 75 software licenses. LMKR's software is expected to be seen when entering the work force, and which will expose the students to real life situations and job opportunities where GeoGraphix and GVERSE are used.

The software will be used in courses that focus on how humans can draw on a wide portfolio of renewable and nonrenewable energy resources to meet our energy needs. Students examine the technical geologic aspects and science of energy and present a balanced view of humanity's past, present and future energy resource options. Tim Carr, Marshall Miller Professor of Geology and chair of the Department of Geology and Geography commented, "We try to expose our students to the data analytics involving the large quantities of geologic and geophysical information required to make technically sound decisions concerning the subsurface. These decisions can include oil and gas development, location of water resources or environmental remediation."

The software will also benefit students training to test their skills against graduate student teams from all over the world where they receive a real multi-gigabyte set of geological data from the oil industry, analyze it in six weeks to understand the geologic history of a basin and present proposals for locating oil and drilling options.

"LMKR is thrilled to partner with WVU and be able to give the exposure of GeoGraphix and GVERSE to the geoscience students." Peter Batdorf, LMKR's Sr. Account Executive. "We truly believe these students of tomorrow will continue to build off a strong foundation for the current geoscience workforce. As a result, we are pleased to provide WVU researchers and students with a suite of industry-leading, highly sophisticated tools that optimize the efficiency of petroleum and natural gas exploration and production; giving students an advantage when vying for highly competitive jobs in the oil and gas industry."

The main focus of LMKR's University Grant Program is giving students access to some of the industry's most powerful geological and geophysical software packages. The program's goal is to ensure students have had every possible advantage when entering the workforce.