LMKR™ Partners with Lumina Geophysical to Maximize Reservoir Understanding

Denver USA, October 27, 2014: LMKR today announced that it has entered into a strategic technology partnership with LUMINA aimed at improving the methods to interpret and integrate geological and seismic data critical to maximizing reservoir understanding. LUMINA offers unique methodologies and tools for quantitative interpretation based on spectral decomposition and state-of-the-art optimization techniques allowing for more geological information to be extracted from geophysical data. LMKR has harnessed these unique methodologies into a new solution: Predict3D™, which LMKR will commercialize early 2015.

The benefits that Predict3D bring to the asset team are widespread:

  • More informed and accurate decisions: Higher resolution reservoir property volumes such as porosity, volume of shale, TOC, etc. help understand the distribution of rock properties away from the correlation wells, significantly improving the understanding of the reservoir. All members of the asset team - geologists, geophysicists and engineers - are better prepared to make timely, informed decisions.
  • More accurate field planning, well planning, completion planning, and geosteering: The ability to predict reservoir properties away from the wells enables more accurate field and completion planning. A sophisticated, multi-attribute property prediction produces detailed reservoir property volumes that allow geoscientists to plan wells more accurately and select optimal landing zones for their horizontals; it also enables geosteerers to keep the bit in the heart of the sweet spot.
  • Ease-of-use: Full integration with GeoGraphix solutions streamlines implementation of the prediction process and brings this capability to the desktop of interpreters and engineers. Predict3D has been designed to produce outstanding results and time-effective projects with minimal input from the user.

"LMKR's partnership with LUMINA has enabled us speed-to-market to deliver advanced geophysics techniques especially effective in thin-bed or shale plays. This approach is consistent with LMKR's philosophy for bringing high science capabilities to every workflow," commented Stan Abele, Vice President of Products, LMKR.

"The approach that we developed shows geological details not observable in the conventional seismic data, and allows for more detailed and accurate interpretations than are possible with the input data and conventional inversion methods. The multi-attribute inversion process predicts rock properties from well logs away from and in between the wells that have been used for correlation, generating property volumes that are invaluable in understanding the character of the reservoir. This helps understand the nature of the reservoir away from the wells, reducing risk in well planning and field development," said Carlos Moreno, President of the LUMINA Group.

The LMKR GeoGraphix and LUMINA team are demonstrating the capabilities of Predict3D at SEG 2014 Annual Conference & Convention, booth #2280.

About LMKR
LMKR is a petroleum technology company offering reservoir-centric interpretation, modeling and analytics software, mobile technology solutions and E&P data services - all focused towards lowering the risk associated with exploration and production of conventional and unconventional resource plays. LMKR holds the global license for development, sales, marketing and support for GeoGraphix.

About Lumina
LUMINA is a service company that provides geophysical solutions for the oil and gas industry. LUMINA offers unique tools for quantitative interpretation, allowing its clients to extract more information from geophysical data. LUMINA has developed the next generation of seismic enhancement tools based on spectral decomposition and inversion techniques mastered by Dr. John Castagna over the years. LUMINA is currently focusing on the thin beds of the unconventional plays in the United States, while also applying its integrated geophysical solutions to a wide variety of geographical areas.