LMKR’s work on consolidation of E&P data of Pakistan gets highlighted in Energistics Article

Energistics is a global consortium that facilitates an inclusive user community for the development, deployment and maintenance of collaborative technologies using open data exchange standards for the upstream oil and natural gas industry. The work of the consortium concentrates on helping upstream oil and natural gas companies through the development, support, and promotion of standards that address data definition, handling, storage, and exchange in the context of technology, computing, communications, and business processes.

An extract from the article at Energistics states

"Pakistan Petroleum Exploration and Production Data Repository (PPEPDR)
In 2001 a significant milestone was achieved in the E&P Industry of Pakistan when it was decided to introduce cutting-edge data management and archival technology. The requirements for the project were tendered out and LMKR again emerged successful based on their expertise. The major objective of PPEPDR is to make data available online for those E&P companies who wish to subscribe to the online service. PPEPDR is a centralized digital database for all seismic, well and physical data that can be accessed online…………