GeoGraphix® Unveils Online Satellite Map Streaming For Discovery™ Suite at 2010 SEG Exposition New GeoAtlas™ Capability Integrates Web-Based Mapping Service For More Accurate Well and Field Planning

HOUSTON (October 19, 2010) - LMKR, a global provider of geotechnology and information technology services, will showcase the latest geographic information system (GIS) and field planning solutions from GeoGraphix® at the 2010 Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) International Exposition and 80th Annual Meeting in Denver, Oct. 17-22, 2010. Conference attendees are invited to join GeoGraphix product experts at Booth 2462 in Hall C at the Colorado Convention Center for a preview of this and other new fit-for-purpose technology and geoscience workflows that address today's resource play planning and development challenges.

The latest release of GeoGraphix Discovery™ allows users for the first time to access and import online GIS and ArcGIS map data into Discovery GeoAtlas™ where it can be visualized in both 2D and 3D interpretations. The ability to access maps with ease during the field planning and development process reduces planning cycle times by eliminating the manual search and import currently required to integrate maps into a project. It also adds an incremental level of detail and richness that increases the certainty of your interpretations.

"When speaking with geoscientists actively working in unconventional oil and gas assets across North America, we discovered that a major source of frustration stems from the lack of easy access to the most up-to-date mapping information," said Rich Patterson, director of GeoGraphix Research and Development. "To address this problem, we partnered with ESRI, the world's leading GIS provider, to integrate the full spectrum of ESRI technologies into Discovery GeoAtlas™, providing geoscientists with an easier way to import and utilize high-quality online map data in their integrated geology and geoscience interpretations."

"With this release of GeoGraphix Discovery, LMKR has addressed a common desire to easily place a geoscience project into a real-world geographic context," said Paul Hartwell, energy industry manager for the ESRI Partner Network. "The use of consumable online maps is revolutionizing the sharing of spatial data. Up-to-date global base maps containing cultural, topographic and high resolution imagery are available from sites such as These cloud-based services relieve exploration companies of the overhead having to store their own base maps and the effort it takes to keep them maintained and managed."

The ability to stream maps ensures that everyone is working with the latest map data. The latest maps are streamed every time the project is initiated thus eliminating version control, data duplication and issues resulting from manual I/O.

About LMKR
LMKR is a global provider of geotechnology and information technology services for Fortune 500 companies and governments. Headquartered in Dubai, founded in 1994 and privately-held, LMKR offers software applications, offshore development and data management services for the exploration, production and management of oil and gas assets. LMKR now accelerates the delivery of new software functionality for the GeoGraphix line of products through its alliance with Landmark Software and Services, a Halliburton business line. With the combined support of both companies, GeoGraphix will continue to be the industry's leading Windows®-based interpretation environment that streamlines critical geology, geophysical, and engineering workflows needed for the successful development of today's resources plays. For technology and industry expertise from more than 600 people around the world, visit