GeoGraphix® Introduces GeoModeling While Drilling Software at 2010 SEG Exposition Extension to Discovery™ smartSECTION™ keeps geoscientists in the "sweet spot" and improves field-wide planning

HOUSTON (October 18, 2010) - LMKR, a global provider of geotechnology and information technology services, will showcase a new GeoGraphix® geomodeling while drilling solution at the 2010 Society of Exploration Geophysicists (SEG) International Exposition and 80th Annual Meeting in Denver, Oct. 17-22, 2010. Conference attendees are encouraged to join LMKR and GeoGraphix at Booth 2462 in Hall C at the Colorado Convention Center for a preview of this and other new geoscience workflows and technology that address today's unconventional oil and gas asset planning and development challenges.

Discovery smartSTRAT™, a new add-on module to GeoGraphix Discovery smartSECTION software, enables fast, easy and accurate geomodeling while drilling for more precise geosteering of horizontal wells. This latest feature, based on customer feedback and input, caters to the new ways geoscientists and engineers are collaborating to develop unconventional fields and drill horizontal wells.

"The increase in horizontal well drilling in North America resource plays and the new 'factory production' development methodologies require geoscientists to plan and drill more wells simultaneously, in less time and with greater accuracy," said Peter Chalcraft, president of sales and marketing for LMKR. "This demands a new way of thinking and working and this is where Discovery smartSTRAT can help. This new technology is specifically designed to help geoscientists effectively and efficiently execute 'factory production' workflows for horizontal drilling and total field development."

Discovery smartSTRAT offers powerful horizontal well-correlation and geosteering tools along with the ability to add depth-converted seismic backdrops into interpretations. This additional level of quality assurance enables geoscientists to stay ahead of the drill bit, avoid faults and other geohazards, and keep the borehole in the zone and on target.

Discovery smartSTRAT's native integration into the project database and geomodel eliminates data I/O within the workflow thus streamlining the entire process. The horizontal well correlation workflow allows geoscientists to update the project interactively in Discovery smartSECTION with new picks, inter-well points and revised drilling targets. The resulting interpretations can be displayed quickly and easily in Discovery's integrated advanced 3D visualization tool and geomodel application.

Discovery smartSTRAT is portable and provides the means to keep the home-office project up-to-date easily with the correlation and geosteering interpretation being developed in the field.

"Discovery smartSTRAT provides geoscientists with seamless project model integration and the field-wide vision necessary for long-term planning to help customers 'stay ahead of the drill bit'," said Fred Poland, senior product manager for GeoGraphix. "This gives companies the opportunity to pinpoint problems across the field and not just focus on a single well."

Attendees are invited to stop by the GeoGraphix booth for presentations or an in-person demonstration of this new technology designed specifically for operators looking to plan and produce hydrocarbons more effectively in unconventional gas and oil plays.

About LMKR
LMKR is a global provider of geotechnology and information technology services for Fortune 500 companies and governments. Headquartered in Dubai, founded in 1994 and privately-held, LMKR offers software applications, offshore development and data management services for the exploration, production and management of oil and gas assets.

LMKR accelerates the delivery of new software functionality for the GeoGraphix line of products through its alliance with Landmark Software and Services, a Halliburton business line. With the combined support of both companies, GeoGraphix will continue to be the industry's leading Windows®-based interpretation environment that streamlines critical geology, geophysical, and engineering workflows needed for the successful development of today's resources plays.

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