GeoGraphix® announces the Release of Discovery™ 5000.0.2.5

GeoGraphix® Discovery™ 5000.0.2.5 is released today and is available for immediate download from the Landmark Software Manager by clicking here

This is a Software Update to Discovery™ Major Release 5000.0.2.0. This software update allows Discovery™ on OpenWorks to synchronize with Landmark's OpenWorks® 5000.0.3.0 & 5000.0.3.5 and offers significant enhancements and defect remediation. Please read on for major feature details:

  • Synchronizes with OpenWorks 5000.0.3.0 & 5000.0.3.5(Oracle 10g & 11g)
  • WellBase® - WellBase Bar streamlines user workflows with new features to quickly build and apply filters, display customized data lists, create Excel pivot reports and attach hyperlinks and documents to project wells; Select any point on a map and copy the point's coordinates to the clipboard.
  • smartSECTION® - Seismic Backdrop Button provides easy access of depth converted seismic data; Cross Section Annotation Toolbar allows user defined annotations of lines, polygons, and images on the cross section view; Subsea Isomap layers in FrameBuilder integrates all the power of GeoAtlas in the surface modeling allowing for more accurate definition of reservoirs. This results in a greater percentage of success in different processes like geosteering, 3D Sequence Stratigraphy and Structural modeling interpretation.
  • Snapshot Tool that can be used with Convofy, a powerful private social network for your company
  • smartSTRAT® - e-mail of model files which better enables communication to asset team and field based personnel.
  • GeoAtlas® - Post hyperlinks on WellBase layers and display them as data attributes in GeoAtlas maps; Double clicking on a well in a WellBase layer now automatically displays the well's scout information in WellBase; Easy purchase and download of MapMart/Intrasearch imagery data.
  • Discovery™ 3D - Project Curves added as Curve Set Option for ease of access and use of curve sets; Seismic Animation allowing the user to move through seismic data within 3D scene.

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