Envertor 3.1 Released

LMKR announces the launch of Envertor 3.1 for Apple devices. Envertor 3.1 has been released with major enhancements, including: 

  • New user Interface with enhanced readability
  • Retina display compatibility
  • Updated unit conversions
  • Removal of In-App Purchase to bring all units at a single price
  • Uniform units naming conventions as per industry standards

LMKR Envertor is specifically designed for engineers and professionals working in the oil & gas industry. Once loaded onto an Apple device the application allows its users to perform conversions offline. This feature is of particular importance to engineers who may not always work in areas where satellite connectivity is possible. The powerful application allows for users to convert different unit types and perform inter conversions across varying unit types simultaneously.

LMKR Envertor for the iPhone and iPad can be purchased from Apple's app store.