Corporate Announcement GVERSE/GeoGraphix


LMKR has signed a long term exclusive agreement with Landmark Graphics Corporation (Halliburton) to continue; among other things, to maintain, support, market and sell the GeoGraphix suite of software products globally.

During a very challenging 2016 our highly experienced team of over 300 Geoscientists, Engineers and IT professionals stayed focused on creating disruptive technologies while simultaneously delivering five major and four minor releases during the year.

In GVERSE we are creating a truly collaborative ecosystem of geoscience and engineering applications built around future technology trends leveraging big data, cloud and deep learning. We are also committed to providing you with more financial flexibility by incorporating user-based pricing models and web sales.

Coming up in 2017 is our new seismic package that provides powerful 3D rendering capabilities for SeisVision interpretations and can handle over a hundred gigabytes of seismic data on commodity hardware. It is engineered to effortlessly integrate with your existing project environment without any data rework. This is followed by our brand new 3D Geomodeling package that offers a fully integrated & interpretive workspace with dynamic 3D Geomodel view while interpreting.  

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