Announcing the release of GeoGraphix® and GVERSE® 2019.1 - The latest upgrade that comes with GVERSE NOW; a web-based launch platform integrated with iEnergy® Core of Halliburton Landmark

Houston -Today, we are delighted to announce the latest release of GeoGraphix® and GVERSE®, including GVERSE Geophysics, GVERSE Geomodeling, GVERSE FieldPlanner, GVERSE Connect and GVERSE Planner. The 2019.1 release includes significant new features and the inclusion of a new launch page that integrates iEnergy® Core of Halliburton Landmark into GeoGraphix®.

"With our 2019.1 release, we've taken a giant step forward toward making GVERSE Geophysics the premier tool for seismic interpretation in upstream oil and gas, and by integrating the iEnergy® platform into our new launch page, our customers now have access to in-depth discussions of industry standards and trends and the entire range of LMKR support resources at their fingertips," said Scott Oelfke, Vice President of Product Management.

The release takes into account valuable client feedback and extensive research focused on increased productivity and ease of use. Improve your workflows and take your interpretations to a whole new level with advanced analysis.


LMKR's 2019.1 release of GeoGraphix® and GVERSE® is now available worldwide. Click here to find your local sales office. For more information about GeoGraphix® click here. For details about LMKR GVERSE® click here.

GeoGraphix® is a registered trademark of Landmark Graphics Corporation. The LMKR Logo is the trademark of LMKR Holdings. GVERSE® is a registered trademark of LMKR. LMKR Holdings is the exclusive world-wide licensor and distributor of GeoGraphix® software.