GeoGraphix 2019.1

NEW GeoGraphix & GVERSE 2019.1 comes with GVERSE NOW, a web-based launch platform for all GeoGraphix and GVERSE applications. Integrated with Halliburton’s Landmark iEnergy® Core, GVERSE NOW provides in-depth discussions around industry standards and trends and gives you the support and information you need, when you need it.

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This new release includes the following updates:

GeoGraphix for Geology

Create well plans, geosteer multiple horizontal wells, and incorporate an ever-broadening suite of data into a comprehensive and up-to-date interpretation and geomodel with the capabilities of an award-winning WDMS, ESRI based map building, and state-of-the-art 3D visualization.


Better analyze petrophysical behavior between wells with our latest upgrade to PRIZM. New Saved Work Sessions allow you to save the state of opened Log Presentations, Cross Plots, and, Reports. The single well export option gives you the ability to export and import default curves and their aliases, and a host of technical upgrades ensures powerful, multi-well, petrophysical analysis and mapping of crossplots.


The latest enhancements enable display of formation tops on straightened images, added support for data imports.

Release 2019.1 Feature Review

GeoGraphix® 2019.1 Release Overview

An intuitive and easy-to-use seismic interpretation system, GVERSE Geophysics provides powerful seismic interpretation for your play. With feature enhancements, GVERSE Geophysics 2019.1 enables geoscientists to execute end-to-end workflows for basic interpretation and more advanced geophysical workflows. Now you can create cross sections with a single click, quickly pick horizons with auto pick algorithm, and much more.

GVERSE Geomodeling 2019.1 supports numerous types of data sources for comprehensive understanding of the petroleum system. The integrated solution combines geological, geophysical, petrophysical, and engineering data in a single environment, with real-time 3D visualization of the developing geomodel that helps interpret the results from different domains of geosciences and formulate optimized and cost-effective solutions. Offering better usability and user experience, GVERSE Geomodeling 2019.1 provides a host of upgrades including microseismic display, better docking support, named faults, etc.

GVERSE FieldPlanner offers automatic and optimized placement of hundreds of wells within minutes. GVERSE FieldPlanner is a powerful tool that results in time and cost reductions, allowing field planners to create, save, analyze and manage multiple field plan scenarios to determine optimal hydrocarbon production.

Plan your wells with GVERSE Planner and easily visualize geologic surfaces, quickly create surveys and geoprognosis reports, and make changes to existing well plans.

Leveraging strengths of two leading E&P Technologies, GVERSE Connect enables fast database to database exchange for efficient and optimized user experience by utilizing the right tool for the right job.

GVERSE Geomodeling 2019.1 offers better usability and user experience with a host of upgrades including fault aliasing in 3D, microseismic display and animation, 3D cursor tracking, optimize geomodel, etc. The latest GVERSE Geophysics 2019.1 enables tighter integration, enhanced interpretation capabilities, increased visualization functionality, improved efficiency and usability, and much more. Also part of the release is GVERSE FieldPlanner which optimizes field development by reducing time and cost for optimal hydrocarbon production.