An advanced, affordable, integrated geoscience system

Apply the latest geoscience technology with GeoGraphix 2016. GeoGraphix 2016.1.2 is packed with new workflow productivity features, making it the industry’s most advanced, cost efficient tightly integrated geoscience system.


Visualize changes to your interpretation in real time in an upgraded 3D environment

Tight Integration

Enhance subsurface understanding through integrated geological, geophysical & field planning workflows

Decision Making

Make better economic decisions by visualizing all the possibilities in one 3D scene

Non-Rectangular AOIs to prevent data duplication and decreased performance caused by overlapping AOIs.

Dynamically project wells along a line of section by dragging the LOS in map view.

Create multi-well zone summary reports that account for minimum zone and zone break thicknesses.

Support for dipmeter data import and display as dip, azimuth and tadpole plots.

Enhanced log view by putting directional survey of a well laterally on log curves like a “worm track” along with transparency controls and support of new mechanical posting types.


Incorporate velocity control points associated with a surface in velocity models.

Support for templates and opening existing synthetics in SynView.


Upgraded user interface and improved performance through automatic well pad update option

Support for planning of stacked laterals off of from a single slot location

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GVERSE 2016 offers faster database to database exchange, quick visualization, streamlined workflows with actionable insights and more control while maximizing the value of your data.
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