GeoGraphix Fundamentals

This course introduces you to the fundamentals of project/data management, mapping, cross sections and 3D visualization in GeoGraphix. This course includes the use of core GeoGraphix applications such as ProjectExplorer, LandNet, WellBase, ZoneManager, QueryBuilder, GeoAtlas, IsoMap, XSection, smartSECTION with FrameBuilder, LMKR Well Planner and Advanced 3D Visualization.

After completion of this course, you will have a comprehensive understanding of core GeoGraphix applications and be able to complete the following workflows:

  • Create a project and areas of interest (AOIs) using ProjectExplorer
  • Import, manage and map land data using LandNet, and GeoAtlas
  • Import, manage, interpret and map well data using WellBase, QueryBuilder and GeoAtlas
  • Create log displays using PRIZM and interpret cross sections using XSection
  • Manage and analyze zone data in ZoneManager
  • Build stratigraphic and structural surfaces using IsoMap and revise/edit them in GeoAtlas
  • Calculate volumetrics in GeoAtlas
  • Plan horizontal wells using the Well Planner and Field Planning capabilities
  • View and interpret map layers, geological surfaces, cross sections in the advanced 3D visualization software and create a final presentation montage for printing.

Prerequisites Recommended

This class is based on a lecture by the instructor along with hands-on exercises on the computer from the training manual.

Duration and Cost
The duration and cost of this class may vary based on class location and content - please select the course you are interested in to get these details.

Intended For
This course is highly recommended for new users getting started with GeoGraphix including Technicians, Geoscientists, Engineers or anyone involved in oil and gas exploration/exploitation..