Petrophsyics Essentials with PRIZM


The objective of this two-day course is to familiarize the trainee with carrying out a qualitative log interpretation, identification of reservoirs and fluid contacts, determination of lithology, porosity, fluid types and saturations by using PRIZM.

After this course, you should be able to:

  • Import, manage and map well data using WellBase and GeoAtlas
  • Import LAS, ASCII or other formats of log curve data in PRIZM
  • Manage log curve data including curve mnemonics in PRIZM
  • Create and modify log displays including templates using PRIZM Log View
  • Adjust, QC and correct curve data using PRIZM Tools
  • Pick and correlate formation tops in PRIZM Log View
  • Interpret porosity, water saturation, pay and other conventional petrophysical attributes using PRIZM models and cross plots
  • Integrate petrophysical and geological interpretation for reserves determinations using PRIZM and GeoAtlas
  • Creating petrophysical property maps.


  • Intermediate

Intended For

  • Geologists
  • Geophysicists
  • Petrophysicists

Recommended Pre-requisites

  • GeoGraphix Project and Data Management Essentials
  • GeoGraphix Geologic Interpretation Essentials


Duration and Format
2 days training covered in a class room.

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