Cleaning up an existing project - Identifying and removing bad data, best practices, querying and reporting Tools


This course introduces you to advanced data management concepts in GeoGraphix. At the end of the course, data managers will be able to access data in the SQL Anywhere database using the querying and reporting tools provided by SAP, build advanced queries and perform common database administration tasks such as identifying and removing bad data.


After completion of this course, you will have a working knowledge of the SQL Anywhere relational database used in GeoGraphix and be able to:


  • Apply relational database concepts
  • Use SAP Sybase Central to browse, manage and query data in the GeoGraphix database.
  • Build complex queries using SQL in Sybase Central and QueryBuilder report mode
  • Perform common maintenance and cleanup tasks in SAP SQL Anywhere
  • Use the database monitoring tools
  • Rebuild databases to improve performance

Prerequisites Recommended
Please note that while there are no prerequisites for the course, a passing knowledge of SQL and relational database concepts will be beneficial as well as some familiarity with the common vendor Oil & Gas data formats

This class is based on a lecture by the instructor along with hands-on exercises on the computer from the training handouts.

Duration and Cost
The duration and cost of this class may vary based on class location and content - please select the course you are interested in to get these details.

Intended For
This course is for data managers and geotechs with the responsibility of maintaining the data in GeoGraphix projects.

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