The industry's most complete and integrated Windows ® - based Geological and Geophysical Interpretation System
GeoGraphix® Discovery™ Suite is a powerful Windows®- based geological and geophysical interpretation system that combines industry-leading technologies supported by a common data and project architecture. It enables an individual geoscientist or the entire asset team to work more efficiently in a fully integrated and collaborative environment. The GeoGraphix® Discovery™ Suite provides unparalleled benefits across your company by reducing business risk and increasing asset team productivity while keeping IT costs in check.
LMKR GeoGraphix® Modules
LMKR GeoGraphix offers numerous add-on and stand-alone modules that let you deploy leading-edge technologies developed to meet your specific needs that make geoscientists, engineers and asset teams more effective and efficient every day.
Select from our menu of comprehensive, powerful LMKR GeoGraphix modules.


Discovery™ 3D
GeoGraphix 3D software brings your maps and interpretations together in a cutting edge 3D visualization environment. It is fully integrated with interpretive applications enabling data, map layers, well paths, microseismic, and geologic models to come together with the full power of 3D visualization with the click of the mouse.
FrameBuilder™ 3D
Modeling Software
The LMKR GeoGraphix 3D modeling solution, FrameBuilder™ software, supports powerful stratigraphic workflows critical in uncovering subtle fault offsets and unconformable relationships that could make or break a well's profitability. When paired with Discovery smartSECTION software, it enables robust well control allowing exploration geologists to pin-point each well's targeted location to ensure an optimal trajectory.
The LMKR GeoGraphix® IsoMap utility is a comprehensive surface modeling and contouring application that can be used on a wide variety of data sets while automating standard gridding and contouring activities which allow geoscientists to spend more time modeling and interpreting surfaces and less time manipulating equations.
The LeaseMap software provides a complete understanding of any region's mineral interest and leasehold situation. Using industry standard reports and interactive maps, LeaseMap software helps you identify the details and status of mineral and lease holdings across your assets or in an area of interest.
LogM modeling includes stratigraphic and structural modeling that are easily generated from the cross-section view and include the formation correlations.
LogM™ Advanced
The LogM Advanced Synthetics software provides geoscientists with tools necessary to accurately tie well control to seismic data.. LogM tools are integrated directly with SeisVision™ 2D and 3D software to enhance the accuracy and confidence of your geophysical interpretation. This can dramatically improve interpretation accuracy and minimize uncertainty when determining the next well location.
LogM modeling includes stratigraphic and structural modeling that are easily generated from the cross-section view and include the formation correlations.
The LMKR GeoGraphix Basic Geologic Interpretation System is composed of core applications that the petroleum geologist needs to interpret and map subsurface data and works with well data with no need to incorporate geophysics or detailed well log analysis into the interpretation
SeisVision software is a powerful, fully integrated 2D and 3D seismic interpretation system that provides a full range of fit-for-purpose interpretation capabilities, attribute analysis and mapping tools.
smartSTRAT, an add-on module to LMKR GeoGraphix's smartSECTION software, enables fast, easy and accurate geosteering of horizontal wells with the simultaneous update of the geomodel. The module offers easy-to-use geosteering tools, the capacity to view depth-converted seismic backdrops, and instant integration with mapped geologic surfaces within a 3D geomodel. This unique ability effortlessly leads to more efficient and accurate geologic correlations and predictions. The additional level of quality assurance enables geoscientist to stay ahead of the drill bit, avoid faults and other geohazards, and keep the borehole in the target zone.



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I have been using GeoGraphix for 8 years assisting Oil & Gas companies to map structural surfaces and determine the ISO core maps. I use smartSECTION in absolutely every project as it’s easy to use, logical in applying gapping and fault correlation and allows me to make progress quickly
Don Clarke,
We successfully use Geographix since 1997, in hundreds of projects and for dozens of clients all around the globe
Peter Kuhn,
CEO at Proseis
I have been using Geographix for the last 15 years and introduced it to several companies. It is a user-friendly application, which allows the geoscientist to visualise the various elements of the subsurface, e.g. seismic, wells, images, geo-referenced maps etc.. Most important, apart from it’s easy use is the attractive pricing
Bert Dijksman,
Exploration Manager,
Eland Oil and Gas
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