Petrophysical analysis has changed significantly over the past several years in response to the challenges of evaluating resources in unconventional plays. The source-as-reservoir revolution turns conventional formation characterizations on its head.  Now much more disparate data over larger areas and multiple wells must be analyzed and interpreted than in conventional plays.  The petrophysicist needs the tools to manage large data sets of multiple data types that support petrophysical modeling, data analysis, and attribute mapping in an integrated environment.

GeoGraphix understands that both conventional and unconventional reservoir analysis and characterization is more than just petrophysical modeling.

The GeoGraphix for Petrophysics solution enables the petrophysicists in unconventional and conventional plays to manage large data sets and analyze multiple wells quickly. Key features include:

GeoGraphix for Petrophysics is used by the leading operating companies working in the unconventional oil and gas plays across North America and in conventional plays worldwide. It offers  the most comprehensive, integrated, and easiest to use multi-well petrophysical solution in the industry today.  The benefits of the GeoGraphix for Petrophysics solution to the petrophysicist and geoscientist include:


  • Easy to build petrophysical models for both the novice and specialist
  • Fast multi-well analysis enables rapid full field modeling and attribute mapping
  • Fully integrated with the project database and mapping environment.
  • Sophisticated attribute and statistical analysis of petrophysical, geophysical, geological, and other parameters
  • Rapid generation of high-quality, professional looking log templates that can be shared company wide for more efficient use of common displays or customized for specific use
  • Single and multi-well Cross Plot analysis enables rapid determination of attribute relationships
  • Report generator to output the analysis in a spreadsheet format so that the interpretation can easily be incorporated in other reports, applications, and presentations



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I have been using GeoGraphix for 8 years assisting Oil & Gas companies to map structural surfaces and determine the ISO core maps. I use smartSECTION in absolutely every project as it’s easy to use, logical in applying gapping and fault correlation and allows me to make progress quickly
Don Clarke,
We successfully use Geographix since 1997, in hundreds of projects and for dozens of clients all around the globe
Peter Kuhn,
CEO at Proseis
I have been using Geographix for the last 15 years and introduced it to several companies. It is a user-friendly application, which allows the geoscientist to visualise the various elements of the subsurface, e.g. seismic, wells, images, geo-referenced maps etc.. Most important, apart from it’s easy use is the attractive pricing
Bert Dijksman,
Exploration Manager,
Eland Oil and Gas
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